Grace Church

Our Purpose

Put simply, we’re here to help people fully follow Jesus Christ. That’s it.

Our Story

In prayer about where to serve, Dave was reluctant at first to minister in his hometown.  However, the desire to obey God’s leading increased in both Dave and Diane. Today, Grace Church is a friendly and compassionate group of people who are dedicated to serve needs in the community and devoted to love people from the most skeptical to the most committed. While we are anchored to the orthodox tenants of Christian faith, we are not afraid of embracing new approaches to help people connect with God. This is proving to be an exciting journey that God is using to bring life to people – even people who would say that they were once far from God!

Our Teams

Healthy teams are very important to us. Everything from serving children, to weekend service production, to small group fellowships, to community outreach…we try to do it all in and through quality teamwork. We call them “dream teams” and would love for you to consider being a part of one. You can find out more about these teams in the growth track.

Our Lead Pastors

Dave and Diane are the founding pastors and have served Grace Church since planting it in 1990. They have four grown children and two grandsons.
Diane holds the Bachelor of Science in journalism from the University of Missouri at Columbia and the Master of Education from the University of Missouri in St. Louis.
Dave holds the Bachelor of Science from Oral Roberts University in Tulsa and the Master of Divinity and Master of Business degrees from Regent University in Virginia Beach.

If you would like to read about our theological foundation as a church, please take a look at our Beliefs.