Grace Church

21 Days of Prayer: January 26, 2018

The lordship of Jesus Christ changes everything!

It is the centerpiece of our salvation. It encompasses the totality of the Father’s plan for the universe.

The first time in the New Testament that one of Jesus’ followers recognizes this truth is when Jesus asked His disciples who they thought He was. Simon Peter spoke up, “You are the Messiah, the Son of the living God.” (Matthew 16:16)

Peter nailed it! Jesus affirmed Peter’s response and said that this only came by a revelation from the Father.  Jesus then prophesied that those in the future who had this heavenly revelation and made this confession would form His elect group in the world. He used the word “ekklesia” to describe them – a term originally used in Ancient Greece to describe a group of people who were called out to govern a region, decide on military strategy and declare war. This is what we now call the church.

When you and I declare Jesus’ lordship, we should realize that it’s not only our lives that we are confessing His lordship over, but how He has overcome the world, hell and even death through His crucifixion and resurrection.  At the end of time, every knee will bow and every tongue will confess Jesus’ lordship. (Philippians 2:10-11) Everything in the universe revolves around this fact — that Jesus is All in All!

Christ’s ekklesia are given the keys of authority. What we forbid on earth are the things that heaven already has forbidden. What we release on earth are what heaven already has released. (Matthew 16:19) We are to be brokers between two worlds, bringing God’s heavenly kingdom to earth through our prayers and with our authority. Jesus said these called-out ones could not be stopped by the worst hell has to throw at them, not even by death. (Matthew 16:18)

This is all because we recognize what victory Christ has already wrought and how completely He has been made King over the universe. As Christ’s representatives on the earth, we are not without resources. God gives us all the tools we need to rule and reign, forbid evil and release His will. Are we making full use of our God-given, blood-bought rights? Let’s discover the extent of Jesus’ lordship and what it means to our lives, and how we are to operate as His ambassadors on this planet.

Father, thank You that I am blessed because I have received the revelation that Jesus is Lord. I am one of the called out ones. All of the power of hell and death cannot conquer Your church on the earth, and I am a part of it! Thank You for giving me authority — the keys to Your kingdom. Show me how to use my authority to stop evil and release heaven on earth. In Jesus’ name, amen.